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Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowl

Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowl

In the wild cats have to hunt for their food and are very active. our indoor kitties may not be as active and when we do feed them, at times scarf down their food as if they've never seen food before! But sometimes, we worry about our cats eating too fast and potentially developing health problems as a result over eating could lead to it can lead to bloating, them gaining weight even to obesity and other heath problems.

many cat owners have trouble  trying to slow down the rate at which the cat eats, that's where slow feeder cat bowls come in! Using a slow feeder cat bowl not only slows down the rate that they eat, but it also increases the amount of energy needed to be able to eat their meals. Using slow feeder bowls to feed your feline friend is also a great way to make sure your kitty has enough mental stimulation for them in the home. Here we'll take a look at the best slow feeder cat bowls on the market right now. We'll also discuss the benefits of using these bowls and how they can help keep your kitty healthy and happy and at the ideal weight!

Why These

We read thousands of reviews and don't just look at what sold the most, we look at which cat fun feeder the customers happiest with because we hope you find something that you will absolutely. love. there are different types of slow feeders, some are ceramic some are plastic. whether you feed your cat dry food or wet food These options will be great for either. We hope that this information helps you find the best slow feeder bowl for your kitty.

Ceramic Slow Feeder Cat Dog Bowls - Unique Fishbone Fun Interactive Design Feeder Bowls

Best of the Best

Ceramic slow feeder in fishbone shape

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Why a Top Option

This cute ceramic feeder has the shape of a fish bone. Its unique shape adds some fun and variety into meal eating. Pet owners love that it improves their cat's eating habits by making them eat slower. Cat owners that have noticed that now their cat have to eat slow, they are no longer regurgitating their food after scarfing down the meal too fast. How sturdy the bowl is a cat knocked it off the counter and it didn't break (tho we don't reccomened that to continue happening). and how the cats have to work for every piece of dry food they get.  feeding time. There has been some debate between cat owners whether they like using it for wet food. Some prefer to and some prefer not to but you could always give it a try and see which you prefer!

Help your furry friend maintain a healthy weight by changing their eating habits.

Item Details

This slow feeder bowl is made out of high quality food grade ceramic and cant be chewed and broken like plastic. the smooth surface wont hurt your pets tongue or mouth as it eats and makes it easy to clean once meal time is over.  can be used for cats or dogs. Microwave oven and dishwasher safe. Because it has a non slip base, it wont slide around while your pet is trying to eat from it. comes in black and white.

Frewinky Ceramic Slow Feeder Cat Bowls,Slow Feeder for Cats and Small Dogs,Elevated-Cat Slow Feeder

Budget Friendly Buy

Smiling Cat Slow feeder, Water bowl set - Elevated

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Why a Top Option

This slow feed cat bowl is the best bang for the buck because not only does this slow feeder bowl  a great way to serve your cat dry kibble it also comes with a matching ceramic water bowl. The cat's food bowl comes in the shape of a cute smiling kitty

Item Details

To clean, just place on the top rack dishwasher . Doesn't have the non slip base, but that hasn't stopped many pet owners from using this cat slow feeder to prevent bloating and vomiting by slowing down how quickly they eat. This bowl can be used for dry and wet cat food.The thicker heavier base on these slow feeding bowls prevents them from tipping over

we love this option because it comes with the slow feeder bowl and a matching water bowl. The elevation of the bowl helps relieve spine pressure to help your kitty have a healthy spine into adulthood.

Femont Snuffle Mat for Dogs&Cats, Pet Feeding Mat & Lick Pad Mat,Encourages Natural Foraging

Another Great Find

Lick mat and pet feeding mat set

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Why a Top Option

This cat slow feeder can be used for anxiety relief in pets. The slow feeders good to be able to relive your pets anxiety because it provides a distraction to help pass the time and lots of nutrition depending what you put in it. Also them having these great things in their diet and not being able to scarf them down improves digestion even more and keeps your pet healthy. The lick mat can be used for wet or dry food.

Item Details

Puzzle feeder is a licking mat that food can be placed on, you can choose to freeze the items or not and will be a great distraction for a hyper pet.  These are bpa free and comes in many shapes and sizes. With that you can put different things and textures on the mat for them to eat.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Can put wet and dry food, peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin puree, broth, bones. can be used to feed cats and dogs and the material its made of has a non slip bottom. Can be hung on tile, glass, hardwood or even on the fridge. If looking for something to use while cutting your pets


We always want to make sure we our providing our kitties with the best options available to them. The shape of the cat bowl really determine how quickly they can eat. We want to slow eating down so that we can keep our cats as healthy as possible. These slow feeder bowls help us do just this. These slow feeders come in ceramic and plastic options which are bpa free, on slip and dishwasher safe.  There are lots of questions you may have to help decide if cat slow feeders are right for your situation. We hope we have helped you come to the right decision on which you will want to used for your cat's food.

Happy Shopping!


Are slow feeder bowls good for cats?

yes slow feeder cat bowls are a great way to slow down the rate that your cat eats while increasing mental stimulation and creating a bit of fun for the cat. most of the slow feeders can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Using the slow feeder cat bowl will slow eating and prevent bloat and obesity in your kitty. Most cats like to work

How do I get my cat to use a slow feeder bowl?

Some cat owners have had trouble getting their cat to eat from the slow feeder cat bowl. If your cat can eat their food from the regular bowl, they may not have incentive to eat it from the slow feeder cat bowls. So start providing their meals solely in the cat slow feeders and make sure it the cat's favorite food.

Should cat bowl be elevated?

Yes, the level of the cat bowls should be elevated. This prevents your kitty from having to lower neck to eat their cat food. Elevating the cat bowl helps keep their spines in good health

What does a slow feeder do for cats?

Not only does it help the cat manage their weight by slowing down the cat's eating, the slow feeder cat bowl can provide mental stimulation that they may not otherwise be getting while you and others are at work and the cat is home alone.

Can you put wet cat food in a slow feeder bowl?

Yes you can put wet food in the slow feeder cat bowl. Most are easy to cllean and dishwasher safe and it makes getting the remaining wet food off of the bowl a breeze.

How do I stop my cat from eating too fast?

Using a slow feeder cat bowl is a great way to slow down the rate that your cat eats. The slow feeder cat bowl can decrease eating speeds by providing them with a surface that is not as easy as their regular bowl to eat their food. the best slow feeder bowl is one that your cat enjoys, is easy to clean and made from non toxic materials