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Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp

When looking for a heat lamp for your bearded dragon, you may wonder which one to buy. Here are the best heat lamps for your bearded dragon.
Bearded Dragon Heat Lamp
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Bearded dragons are popular pet reptiles, and for good reason. They're really easy going, easy to care for, and great at entertaining you with their antics. One thing that every bearded dragon needs is a heating system. Heat is important for these reptiles. Reptiles are cold-blooded, meaning their internal body temperature mirrors the temperature of their environment. Because of this, you need to provide them with artificial heat sources in order to regulate their heat to help properly digest food and shed skin in a healthy manner.

Why These?

Heat lamps come at different watts so the bigger the tank is you may need a higher wattage. If the tank is smaller, it may only need a 50-75 watt heat lamp (what I have found from my reptile is when we use on that is too high 100 + watt, they will go to the other side of the tank. Vs when we use a 75-50 watt bulb our girl loves to bask under it. We search through the net to find not only the most sold items, but also the most loved. That way you can feel confident that you will be getting the best options out there available today. So keep reading to see what heat lamp will be best for your beardie! The wattage depends on the size of the cage. Ensure there is a basking area where you provide heat and also an area where they could cool off in the cage. Different price ranges

LUCKY HERP Ceramic Heat Emitter, Reptile Heat Bulbs, Ceramic Heat Lamp for Reptiles

Why a Top Option

The LUCKY HERP Ceramic Heat Emitter is the perfect solution for providing both daytime and nighttime heat for your beloved bearded dragon. If your home has plenty of natural lighting, this top-of-the-line ceramic heat emitter can be used day or night, so your dragon always has access to the warmth they need. Plus, since beardies don't need a light on at night, this emitter is the perfect way to keep them comfortable without disrupting their sleep schedule. This emitter will quickly and easily become your dragon's new best friend.

As any reptile lover knows, bearded dragons need heat and need to have a basking spot that is around 95 to 110 degrees. Most people use a basking light, which gives off light as well as heat, but this can make it difficult for your dragon to get the proper amount of sleep when used at night. A ceramic heat emitter is a great alternative because it only emits heat, not light. This means that your bearded dragon can always have the right temperature, without having to worry about too much light exposure. The emitter heats up quickly and is very sturdy, making it a great choice for reptile owners. Plus, it comes in 50, 75, 100, and 150 watts options so that you can find the perfect one for your pet.

Exo Terra Compact Incandescent Fixture

Why a Top Option

Creating the perfect habitat for your beloved beardie has never been easier with Exo Terra’s heat lamps! Not only do they use full spectrum incandescent lights to provide the ideal basking area, but they are incredibly easy to install. With a built-in reflector that evenly distributes light across the terrarium, you can rest assured that your beardie will have the perfect spot in which to relax and bask in their enclosure. Additionally, setting up a thermometer and hygrometer is simple and straightforward – just mount it onto the lamp’s fixture and get readings within minutes! Give your pet reptile the best with Exo Terra’s heat lamp – they won’t be disappointed!This Exo Terra heat lamp uses full spectrum incandescent lights to give your beardie the best basking area in their Exo Terra terrarium. . These lights are easy to install and have a built in reflector. A thermometer and hygrometer can also easily be mounted.

Zoo Med Repti Basking Lamp 50 Watt for Reptiles

Why a Top Option

This convenient frosted lamp is specifically designed to resemble sun light in your bearded dragon's basking area of the terrarium , helping your cold-blooded companions regulate their body temperature. Plus, this product comes with options that have multiple bulbs– so you can enjoy it for months!

Your pet deserves the best. Enhance your tank’s habitat with this special lamp that helps replicate your reptile’s natural setting. It doesn’t take much energy and still provides all the warmth needed for successful basking. Enjoy improved health for your finned or feathered friend today – get the Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp! This Incandescent omits in 50 watts, 75 watts, 100 watts, 150 watts.

MCLANZOO 2 PCS 75W Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb Infrared Basking Light for Reptiles & Bearded Dragon Amphibian with Stick-on Digital Temperature Thermometer

Why a Top Option

This MCLANZOO Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb Infrared Basking Light, the ideal product for keeping your reptile cozy and comfortable! If you're looking for a red light lamp that can provide your pet with superior heat efficiency and easy installation, this is the bulb for you.

This bright and reliable red bulb is made of carefully crafted glass and metal – making it strong, durable, and long-lasting. The reinforced construction ensures the longevity of your new light fixture while providing superior heat to keep your reptile warm and content. Plus, it's easy to install – eliminating any hassle or confused instructions.

Petboda Reptile Heat Lamp, Dual Head UVA/UVB Reptile Light with Cycle Timer, Dimmable Basking Light for Turtle Tortoise Lizard Snake Bearded Dragon and More, 4 Bulbs (2PCS 25W + 2PCS 50W) Included

Why a Top Option

The Petboda Dual-Head Reptile Heat Lamp is the perfect solution for keeping your little friend's terrarium warm and cozy! With three timer settings and a cycle timer, you can easily provide consistent warmth to your reptile throughout the day. Plus, our double head design ensures that your entire terrarium will be kept at an optimal temperature. And with easy-to-adjust light direction, you can customize the source of heat just right for your special one. Built with ceramic lamp holders to resist heat, this product is reliable and safe. So don't worry—your reptile pal will get all the warmth and cuddles he needs! Get our Dual-Head Reptile Heat Lamp today and let him bask in its comfort!

Buddypuppy Reptile Heat Lamp, UVA UVB Reptile Light with 360° Rotatable Hose and Timed, Heating Lamp with 2 Bulbs Suitable for Bearded Dragon Reptiles Turtle Lizard Snake (Heat Lamp 25w/50w Bulb)

Why a Top Option

Are you looking for an advanced reptile heat source that will both help your beardies look and feel their best? Then the Buddypuppy Reptile Heat Lamp is here for you! Our lamp provides UVA and UVB light which simulates natural sunlight, aiding digestion in your beardie. Plus, you can easily set a timer so you know exactly when and how much wattage they're getting.

This high quality lamp also helps reptiles create vitamins via UVB rays, allowing them to stay healthy and energized. It is also designed with strong aluminum to ensure a long lifetime of service and reliable performance. It's rust-proof surface makes it easy to clean, letting you get the perfect amount of sun exposure each time!

The Buddypuppy Reptile Heat Lamp will help make sure that your faithful companion enjoys its time basking in the sun while staying safe from predators. This state-of-the-art heat lamp is the ultimate solution for any reptile enthusiast looking to keep their pets happy and healthy—and make life a little easier on themselves as well!


In conclusion, when setting up a beardie’s habitat, it’s important to provide your pet with an optimal environment by providing the right lighting setup and temperature range throughout each 24 hour period. 8-10 hours per day under a 90-100 °F during its daylight is usually good enough for most adult bearded dragon's while at night their enclosure needs cooler temperatures around 70-80 °F before turning off any additional sources of heating. these Bulb lights will help keep the heat in the tank and have a great cost. We are sure you will find a bulb that will help keep your beardies tank warm.

Here are some frequently asked questions you my have regarding your bearded dragon heat lamp needs,

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What heat lamp does a bearded dragon need?

Bearded dragons require full-spectrum lighting, like what they would receive in their native environment. This means they need two types of lights: UVB light and a basking light.

UVB bulbs should emit UVA rays, which play an important role in helping the bearded dragon synthesize vitamin D3 as well as regulate their body temperature.

A basking lamp is used to simulate the sun’s warmth that a bearded dragon would have access to in its natural environment. A vapor bulb or ceramic heat emitter are both good options for providing infrared heat radiation for your pet lizard, ensuring that it stays warm enough cycles without getting too hot! You will want to invest in a thermostat with temps between 90F-110F during the day time hours and 80°F at night time near its favorite spot on top of rocks or branches inside the terrarium so it can easily adjust itself according to its needs.

Do you leave the heat lamp on at night for bearded dragons?

It is generally not recommended to leave a heat lamp on for bearded dragons at night. Heat lamps typically provide light as well as heat, and leaving them turned on during the night can interfere with your bearded dragon’s day/night cycle that it needs in order to maintain its optimal health. Bearded dragons require 12-14 hours of proper lighting every day, which should come from an UVB bulb during the daytime hours. This UVB bulb should be turned off at so your beardie can get the darkness they need to rest and recover naturally.

A nighttime temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius) is ideal for all bearded dragons, so if you are concerned about these temperatures dropping too much without a heat lamp on, you can use ceramic or undertank heating sources such as ceramic or nocturnal infrared bulbs instead which will provide adequate warmth without any extra light interference. Utilizing these forms of heating also has many benefits as they are long lasting and low profile sources that won’t affect your pet’s sleep patterns like a bright spot light may do. You should make sure that the environment does not exceed above 85F (29C) with these types of heating elements however since higher temperatures can lead to health complications within your pet over time!

Do bearded dragons really need heat lamps?

Yes, bearded dragon's need heat lamps. Bearded dragons are cold-blooded reptilian animals that require a thermal gradient within their enclosure to maintain health and proper digestion. A basking spot between 95-100℉ is needed for metabolic functions, including proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Without these higher temperatures, the beardie could become anorexic or have problems with its digestive tract.

A cooler area should also be provided in the enclosure at around 80℉ which allows the dragon to thermoregulate itself by moving between hot and cool areas as it sees fit.

Good quality infrared ceramic bulbs hooked up to a regulated thermostat provide the most reliable method of providing heat while using less energy than many other sources such as incandescent heat sources like regular lightbulbs or halogen bulbs, which can easily overheat your bearded dragon’s enclosure if not monitored carefully. These high intensity bulbs are designed specifically for lizards and provide safe levels of UVA/UVB rays along with beneficial infrared radiation that helps improve you dragon's overall health and well being just like natural sunlight would in nature!

How long should you leave a heat lamp on for a bearded dragon?

When it comes to the care of bearded dragons, the key is to provide them with a carefully balanced basking light and an appropriate time to not affect their sleep cycle This means providing 12 hours of day light followed by 12 hours of nighttime scene. The basking light should be directed onto one end of the enclosure, giving your bearded dragon a warm spot to rest and bask. During the day time, you should leave your heat lamp on for 8-10 hours (depending on what kind of bulb you are using) at 90-100°F (32 - 38°C). This can always be adjusted according to your particular dragon's needs or preferences; if they don't seem too hot or cold during their basking period then you're doing great!

What two lights do bearded dragons need?

Bearded dragons need two types of light in order to ensure their well-being - UVA and UVB.

UVB (ultraviolet B) emits the right kind of light that enables a bearded dragons’ body to produce vitamin D3, which is essential for calcium metabolism. Without it, they can suffer from Metabolic Bone Disease or other health issues related to deficiencies in this very important vitamin. The best source of UVB is natural sunlight; however, since many pet owners don't have access to natural sunlight they rely on artificial lighting sources such as specialized basking lights or fluorescent bulbs specifically designed for reptiles.

UVA (ultraviolet A) emits a specific wavelength of light that has been observed to stimulate feeding activity in reptiles and influence their overall behavior patterns. UVA light also helps regulate circadian rhythms which helps ensure optimal activity levels throughout the day. Specialized UVA reptile bulbs are available from most pet stores, but you may also find full spectrum LED bulbs suitable for both reptiles and amphibians at your local hardware store or online retailers like Amazon.